WE believe that wellness in all forms should be thoughtful and accessible, and most importantly honor the vibrant cultures from which each practice originates.

Wellness East focuses on harnessing the powerful resources and countries of Asia to create our ritual kits, spotlighting and celebrating each region, its people and their time-honored traditions. Asia has long been a center of knowledge about health and wellness and Wellness East is a way to discover Asia, while bringing an awareness to ancient methods of healing.

Through spanning Asia, we have sourced daily rituals that serve our modern and busy lives. These rituals are built with an Eastern approach to life in the Western World and created around three pillars of wellness: 

  • CALM: Gain enhanced clarity and a tranquil mind with unique products created to cultivate inner peace.
  • VITALITY: Cleanse the system, restore inner balance and nourish the body from the inside out.
  • BEAUTY: Achieve glowing, radiant skin with pure ingredients sourced from the most rich and fertile regions of the East.


Jisa OhJisa Oh’s experience with wellness spans the globe. Raised in Japan and of Korean descent, the wellness entrepreneur grew up with an awareness that methods of healing from both cultures, including hot springs and cultivating the right foods and herbs, are a key part of our overall health.

Oh’s journey with wellness proved challenging when upon moving to the US, she began facing health issues including inflammation and thyroid disease. Reaching back to her roots, Oh sought the advice of experts in functional medicine, Ayurveda, homeopathy, kampo and traditional Chinese medicine, while also exploring Caribbean traditions for the fruits and herbs known for their healing properties.

During this process, she prioritized the concept of balancing the body from the inside and outside and began implementing detoxification and balancing autonomic nerves and hormones into her own day to day regimen.

Seeing astounding results, she became committed to immersing herself in this path to effective healing. Oh moved to the archipelago of Okinawa, Japan which is known globally for having the longest and happiest living people in Japan. Living and studying in Okinawa for several years, Oh was able to dive fully into the culture, food, herbs and roots of the lifestyle and land, learning first-hand about the authentic Asian ingredients and processes that she has now applied to Wellness East in order to share the daily rituals and foundation to holistic health, with the world.