Shikuwasa Lime

Native to Okinawa, This Small Green Fruit Holds the Key to Anti-Aging and Cellular Repair



At the core of Wellness East lie the time-honored ingredients and rituals of Okinawa and the proven health benefits with which they are associated. Shikuwasa Lime is essentially synonymous with Okinawan wellness and longevity, and has been a major inspiration for the development of Wellness East as a brand and way of life.

“We chose Shikuwasa as our first debut ingredient because we cannot talk about Okinawan food and longevity without these ingredients,” says Wellness East founder, Jisa Oh. “We see these fruits and vegetables almost as ancient home remedies. They make me feel more energetic and vibrant.”

Found only in Okinawa, Shikuwasa is rich in antioxidants the most notable of which is nobiletin, which prevents cellular damage and has anti-ageing properties. Nobiletin has also been proven to lessen risk of cancer and heart disease and may have neuroprotective effects. In fact, doctors are researching Shikuwasa on how it may help to prevent Alzheimer's disease due to its ability to promote nerve and brain growth and healing.

Indigenous to Okinawa, Shikuwasa is comparable to other Asian citrus fruits like Calamansi which is found in the Philippines. But this lime is in a league of its own as far as health benefits and is found throughout daily life in the Okinawan islands, made into ice cream, cakes and enjoyed as a drink by everyone no matter what age.  

Wellness East’s Shikuwasa powder has been designed for daily use as a booster to overall health. Preserved in a potent form, the powder can be easily mixed or blended into a favorite smoothie, mixed in with yogurt and manuka honey or simply added to hot water with lemon or green tea.