A Multipurpose Plant from Japan That Seals In Moisture for a Healthy and Luminous Look





In today’s modern society, there can be no end to the demands placed upon our time and energy. This is why creating and maintaining a daily ritual is paramount in the pursuit of leading a life that feels as healthy and happy from the inside as it may appear from the outside. While drawing inspiration from Okinawa, one key factor of this blue zone region’s well-being is found in the ingredient Alpinia Shell Ginger.

Partly named after its resemblance to a seashell when closed, Alpinia Shell Ginger features large green leaves with clusters of “shellflowers” that look white and pink in the bud and that open into vibrant yellow blooms with bursts of dazzling red. The remainder of this ingredient’s name comes from Prospero Alpino, a well-known Italian botanist from the sixteenth century, as well as its classification under Zingiberaceae, the ginger family of flowering plants whose aromatic herbs typically grow in the tropical and subtropical regions of East Asia such as the Okinawa Islands.

While Alpinia Shell Ginger is not FDA regulated for ingestion, its bioactive phytochemicals contain medicinal properties that have long been recognized in Okinawa to heal ailments like the flu, poor digestion, unbalanced blood pressure, and even hangovers. Because of this, Alpinia Shell Ginger’s abundant and freshly harvested leaves are a staple part of traditional Okinawan cuisine and are popularly steeped to make hot tea.

Alpinia Shell Ginger’s essential antioxidant properties make it a super clean and pure topical treatment that effectively maintains hydration for a healthy and luminous look. This component, along with Sugarcane-Derived Squalane, form Wellness East’s minimal yet effective multipurpose Alpinia Shell Ginger Glow Oil that harnesses the power of this dynamic ingredient duo to help lock in moisture and promote the appearance of firm and radiant skin. 

Made for all skin types, this sensorial face and body oil is easy to incorporate into your everyday life and  can be used on its own or as the last step of the morning Ritual Kit. To use the topical Alpinia Shell Ginger Glow Oil, simply apply several drops onto the face and body and massage until the product is absorbed, taking care to avoid the eye area.